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Cas No: 202189-76-2 Manufacturers


2-[4-[1-(4,4-Dimethyl-5h-Oxazol-2-Yl)-1-Methyl-Ethyl] Phenyl] Ethyl-4-Methylbenzenesulfonate

Vasista Group is your correct choice if you are searching for superior quality Cas No: 202189-76-2 Manufacturers. We are the leading manufacturer of 2-[4-[1-(4,4-Dimethyl-5h-Oxazol-2-Yl)-1-Methyl-Ethyl] Phenyl] Ethyl-4-Methylbenzenesulfonate. We are certified with ISO and GMP certifications.

Product Details

  • CAS Number: 202189-76-2
  • Molecular Formula:C23H29NO4S
  • Molecular Weight: 415.546
  • Synonyms: 4-(2-(4,4-Dimethyl-4,5-dihydrooxazol-2-yl)propan-2-yl)phenethyl
  • 4-methylbenzenesulfonate;
  • Bilastine API ITS-1


  • It is an intermediate for Bilastine.
  • Bilastine API is an antihistamine medication used to treat hives (urticaria) and inflammation of the eye (allergic conjunctivitis) caused by an allergy.

It is a second-generation antihistamine and takes effect by selectively inhibiting the histamine H1 receptor, preventing these allergic reactions, there is a big demand for CAS NO: 202189-76-2 MANUFACTURERS in the market all year round.

We also manufacture the Bilastine API and the following intermediates:

Name Of The Material Cas No.
2-(2-(4-Bromophenyl) Propan-2-Yl)-4,4-Dimethyl-4,5-Dihydrooxazole 192775-97-6
2-(4-Bromophenyl)-2-Methyl Propanoic Acid 32454-35-6
1-(2-Ethoxyethyl)-2-(Piperidin-4-Yl)-1H-Benzo[D]Imidazole 110963-63-8
2-(Piperidin-4-Yl)-1H-Benzoimidazole 38385-95-4
2-Ethoxyethyl-4-Methylbenzenesulfonate 17178-11-9
2-Chloroethyl Ethyl Ether 628-34-2

Vasista Group has emerged as a prominent player in the world of pharmaceuticals Products manufacturing industry. As the demand for the unique chemical compound Cas No: 202189-76-2 grows, finding reliable manufacturers becomes crucial. With a track record of excellence in producing high-quality chemicals for pharmaceutical, research, and industrial purposes, Vasista Group stands out as a leading Cas No: 202189-76-2 manufacturer.

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