Cas No: 676-58-4 | Methylmagnesium chloride

Cas No: 676-58-4 | Methylmagnesium chloride

Methylmagnesium chloride


Methylmagnesium chloride is an organometallic compound. It is a highly flammable, colorless, and moisture-sensitive material is the simplest Grignard reagent, and is commercially available.

Product Data

  • Cas Number: 676-58-4
  • Molecular Formula:CH3ClMg
  • Molecular Weight: 74.79
  • Synonyms: Chloromethylmagnesium;
Name of the Material CAS NO.
Methylmagnesium Bromide 75-16-1
Isopropylmagnesium Chloride 1068-55-9
Cyclopropylmagnesium Bromide 23719-80-4
Isopropylmagnesium Bromide 13291-18-4
Cyclopropylmagnesium Chloride 32916-51-1
Cyclohexylmagnesium Chloride 931-50-1


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It lowerise the blood pressure. Reduce levels of certain lipids in people

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